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Netasq has just released UTM firmware upgrades.


V9 series: v9.0.3.2   

Readme: EN


V8 series: v8.1.6

Readme: EN

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Netasq has released Netasq VPN Client 5.13

This version contains major features.


More details you can find at

- release notes

- documentation

- evaluation version

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Inter Engineering has released a set of new deployment services, for the popular and secure email server Axigen.


In addition to cost effective prices of Axigen, you can now have in your company, or offer to your customers, cost-effective Axigen clusters based on Linux.

Don't worry if you are not familiar or do not have the appropriate Linux expertise. Inter Engineering  now offers you deployment services:


Download the brochure.

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Netasq has released firmware version for UTM appliances.

It contains bug-fixes mainly. You can download it from your Customer Area

Find more details on this version by downloading readme file:


Downlaod Netasq v9.0.2.1 readme file


F-Secure has released F-Secure Client Security v9.31.


The main new feature of this new release is Device Control.


This feature allows you to disable and enable hardware devices on client computers (a single device or a class or subclass of devices) from Policy Manager Console.


Download page for F-Secure Client Security v.9.31


F-Secure Client Security 9.31 - Release Notes


F-Secure's corporate product - F-Secure Client Security - received Best Protection Award for 2011 from


Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST, says: "Out of all corporate endpoint protection products we've reviewed in 2011, F-Secure Client Security offered by far the best protection."


Why this is so important? Becuase this is what matters in a security product; the level of security.


You can read more details here...



Netasq has release firmware version for the v8 series of UTM appliances.


The new release contains:


- A bug fix on IPSec VPN module

- A feature that allows the firewall to automatically check for new licenses available


It is highly recommended to apply this fix if your appliance is running on v8 series.


You can find the new firmware under Netasq's Customer Area.


With v9 Netasq has given the ability to the administrator to perform full firewall configuration via Command-line (CLI). The protocol for the configuration is a Netasq proprietary protocol called NSRPC.


NSRPC is already used by V8 and V9 administration suite for communication with the firewall. In v9 the CLI interface is available at the Web-Administration interface and Real-Time Monitor.


Now there is available a Windows client version of NSRPC client, for running commands directly from administrator's desktop.


Dowload: NSRPC client for Windows v.1.1


More information on how to use the CLI can be found at Online-help of Netasq Web-admin.

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