E-mail security is a complicated and resource demanding task which requires both sophisticated equipment and skills, as well as considerable time. Inter Engineering’s Secure e-mail Managed Services relieves organizations from all of this by offering comprehensive e-mail Content Security services through its own dedicated infrastructure.

About our Services

Drastically lower your internet traffic by filtering out unwanted content before reaching your company. Enforce your corporate security policy, as detailed as needed.

  • Bidirectional security protects against Data leakage
  • Lower cost and enhance efficiency
  • For any size of company
  • No investment, pay by subscription


Gateway protection

Gateway Protection services allow you to apply e-mail gateway security to your company, but still use your own e-mail server platform for hosting your mailboxes. Gateway protection features include:

  • Anti-Malware protection
  • Anti-Spam protection
  • Outbound Adhoc e-mail Encryption
  • Data-Leak Prevention policies
  • other...


Full e-mail hosting

Full e-mail hosting allow you to fully outsource your mailbox hosting so you don't need to maintain your internal e-mail server. It offers the same security policies as Gateway Protection, but additionally offers securely accessed mailboxes for your users via:

  • HTTPS webmail
  • Secure IMAP
  • Secure POP3
  • Secure SMTP