Partnership with Helpsystems

HelpSystems is a software company, working in the areas of systems and network management, business intelligence, security and compliance

Setup Office365 with Clearswift SEG

Integrating Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway with your Office 365 implementation will give to you the missing piece of the security structure you ultimately require.

GDPR Solutions matrix

As GDPR is about to become effective, organizations are looking for the right course of actions. We prepared a matrix that maps certain aspects of GDPR to specific technologies and solutions.

AntiMalware Managed Service

We provide the ultimate outsourcing solution for the protection of an organization’s network against malware, occupying neither the customer, nor the reseller.

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Malware Protection

A wide variety of solutions protect your most valuable asset, your data, from irrevokable disaster. From now on let others worry for ransomware attacks

Email Security

Today’s ever morphing malware, the resurgence of ransomware and the onslaught of phishing spam demands a new level of email security.

Privileged Access Monitor

Insiders, whether they are employees or 3rd party contractors, have valid credentials, know your environment and your weaknesses.

Network Protection

NextGen UTM solutions are more than just a firewall, offering network protection from external attacks and controlling internal services.












Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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