Inter Engineering’s Active Care Support Services (ACSS), provide you with advanced support services that help you deploy and maintain your Inter Engineering security solutions.

ACSS are the services that allow you to fully exploit the experience and efficiency of Inter Engineering technical services, by allowing the Inter Engineering support engineer to become your active ‘right-hand’ in the administration of your systems.

ACSS entitles you to:

1. Phone and email support directly from Inter Engineering

Support Advantages 

  • ALL support cases are treated with top level of attention. No distinguishing between levels of attention
  • Support in Greek or English language. Not only English.
  • No international phonecalls for support in Greece. Just local calls.
  • Remote intervention on customer’s system if customer allows and wants this. Remotely, through the method selected by the customer. This drastically speeds up the troubleshooting progress.
  • 20 years experience available to customers for fast and effective troubleshooting
  • Support engineers with broad in-the-field practical installation and troubleshooting experience. Not only trained to deliver support.
  • Support engineers with extensive general data security and networking knowledge. Not only knowledge on specific products.
  • Inter Engineering keeps history of your support cases and deployment (unless you don’t want that). That way we know your environment and are able to exploit that for faster support
  • Flexibility. We will support you also even in cases where initially your problem most probably is not caused by the solution bought through Inter Engineering
  • Progress of all support cases is closely monitored for fastest results
  • Easy escalation. If ever needed. One phonecall or email is enough.
  • Possibly you are using more than one Inter Engineering solution. This way you maintain one contact point for all your support
  • Inter Engineering support is delivered during Inter Engineering working hours


2. Remote Support

With Remote support you are now entitled not only to email/phone support but also remote desktop support.

Inter Engineering and the customers agree on a remote desktop/access method to the system. The communication channel is built and tested, and it is available for any time the customer requests remote support.

The remote support communication method can be of choice of the customer, or proposed by Inter Engineering. Inter Engineering suggestions are the following:

  • Remote Desktop (MS-Terminal Services, RealVNC, TeamViewer) to administrator’s desktop.
  • Direct Connection to the products (web interfaces, etc).
  • Secure communications with VPN tunnels (SSL, IPsec)


3. Personal support engineer.

Each customer is assigned a specific Inter Engineering engineer. This will allow the engineer to become familiar with the customer’s environment, thus making the communication on troubleshooting/consulting more efficient and smooth. Of course, detailed information on the customer’s environment and support history is kept by Inter Engineering, so another engineer can take over any time if necessary.


4. Customer Environment Replication

At Inter Engineering a replicate (approximate) of the customer’s deployment of Inter Engineering solutions is maintained in a virtual environment. Of course the customer’s cooperation is needed to keep this replicate up to date. Inter Engineering support thus has a more detailed overview of the target environment which will help making the troubleshooting/consulting more efficient.

The replicated environment is a useful tool for

  • Reviewing and proposing policy changes
  • Testing new changes and upgrades in the replicated environment before going live with the changes
  • Troubleshooting


5. Proactive periodic health check

Inter Engineering and Customer agree on a review period (6 months/year). The customer’s environment is remotely thoroughly reviewed by an Inter Engineering engineer to:

  • Review security Policy
  • Propose adjustments/improvements on policy
  • Propose adjustments/improvements on systems/deployment
  • Review logs and system for possible error warnings and propose troubleshooting/fixing methods.
  • Propose/Help with applying new hotfixes and patches.


6. Active Care Mailing list

New Developments are constantly published by product vendors. The new developments include:

  • New versions with new features
  • New patches resolving known issues
  • New issues discovered and bypass methods
  • New security threats and how they are dealt using the products

All these new developments are actively monitored by Inter Engineering support engineers and communicated to the customer via a mailing list. This also includes helping the customer on fully exploiting these new developments to keep his system up-to-date.


7. Free OnSite Support

By an Inter Engineering support engineer/consultant

For 1 day in 1 year for customers with 500 users or more

For 2 days in 1 year for customers with 2000 users or more

The onsite support days are scheduled in communication with Inter Engineering and can be used for

  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Consulting / maintenance / deployment / upgrades


8. Benefits

  • Acess to the Inter Engineering Software Update System with all software, hotfixes, patches, information etc

Customer loyalty Discounts on

  • All other Inter Engineering solutions
  • Inter Engineering trainings
  • Inter Engineering on site support and other charged support


ACSS is available through Inter Engineering’s reselling partner channel.

1) Inter Engineering support is subject to Inter Engineering conditions which need to be signed by the customer before commencing support

2) Prices and percentages are subject to change without notice

3) Free onsite support does not include traveling and accommodation expenses outside Greece.

4) Inter Engineering support services are delivered during Inter Engineering working hours

Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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