Active Care Vulnerability Management Managed Service

Service Description

Most SMBs don’t have an IT Department and for those that do, their IT staff is often overwhelmed with the daily administration tasks and keeping systems running. Time is a luxury and cyber security is neglected in the expense of other contingencies.

On the other hand, Cyber security is becoming a huge issue with severe impact in modern organizations regardless size or industry. New threats emerge constantly, while the rising degree of sophistication in the cyber-attacks makes it difficult for the IT teams to focus on these matters or even re-configure their protection in a timely manner.

Expanding IT environments are more challenging to protect and need more emphasis on predictive cyber security measures. With continuous scanning and remediation of vulnerabilities you can minimize risks and tackle threats before they occur.

Inter Engineering Active Care Managed Services is modular because not all organizations have the same requirements. Together we form the suitable plan according to your needs.

We periodically scan your Internet-facing servers and your internal network to identify possible threats, misconfigurations, even shadow IT devices. You receive a report with all the detected vulnerabilities, the risk factor but more importantly with specific instructions to eradicate the threat.

Active Care Vulnerability Management Managed Service Features


We discover all hosts and network devices in your infrastructure.

Service Benefits

  • Identify all hosts in your network range
  • Scan your assets for open ports
  • Detect current software and operating system versions
  • Find vulnerable software versions by comparing your installed versions to a database of known vulnerabilities
  • Identify configuration flaws
  • Operated by our security experts. You don’t do anything
  • Operated by our security experts. You don’t do anything
  • Stop whenever you like

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