clearswift ruag logoDesigned to co-exist with your existing web security provider using industry standard ICAP functionality including F5 Networks and Blue Coat. Safely share your critical information both internally and externally with Clearswift and HelpSystem's first integrated Adaptive Data Loss and Threat Prevention solution for Managed File Transfer (MFT) utilizing multiple AV engines from Avira, Sophos and Kaspersky.



Securing Social Media

Enable risk-free social media communications – recognize the difference between an innocent Tweet and a potentially damaging one, allow access to legitimate YouTube content and channels, while turning off granular Facebook features. Discover how easy and quickly social media policies can be implemented on the Clearswift SECURE Gateways.

Cloud Security

Gain complete visibility to what information is being stored or downloaded from cloud collaboration tools and storage (i.e. Office 365,, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Bi-directional tracking and sanitization will prevent the loss of critical information or inviting unwanted cyber-attacks. Detect the use of cloud apps and tools secretly adopted by users through "Shadow IT"

Adaptive Redaction

Adaptive security is automatically applied in real-time based on specific regulatory or governance policy, whether it calls for redaction, encryption, blocking, moving or deleting. Clearswift's unique Adaptive Redaction technology removes the compliance burden on organizations by removing only the non-compliant information from being shared, allowing the rest of the information to continue without disruption and false positives. Compliance protection that goes unnoticed from the end user.

Web-Based Data Loss Prevention

Prevent data breaches with award-winning Adaptive DLP technology for web, social media and cloud apps. Real-time monitoring, inspection, and unique redaction technology can block or remove only the confidential information leaking, while allowing the rest of the web traffic to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.).

Additional Web Hygiene

Stops known and unknown malware infection with bi-directional virus and anti-malware scanning. Choice of up to 3 AV engines, utilizing cloud-based lookups and heuristics to supplement traditional signature downloads delivering superior virus protection. Advanced URL filtering database with 84 categories to prevent access to inappropriate sites and provide context for web usage reports. Additional malware, phishing and spyware categories to protect against access to known high-risk URLs and sites with hourly updates. Real-time categorization protects against uncategorized sites which contain inappropriate content.


Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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