Antimalware Managed ServiceThe Inter Engineering Anti Malware Managed service is the ultimate outsourcing solution for the protection of an organization’s network against malware, occupying neither the customer, nor the reseller.

  • The best protection for your systems
  • Operated by experts. You don’t do anything
  • Most cost effective solution
  • You don’t buy software, but pay as a service
  • Stop whenever you like

How does it work?

In the customer’s network F-Secure software protects workstations, servers and mail servers with centralized management. The central management infrastructure however is not located in the customer’s network but is controlled by Inter Engineering. The protected machines communicate securely over the internet with the central management infrastructure. Inter Engineering takes care of the management of the protection against malware on behalf of the customer and the reseller safeguarding easiness, effectiveness and the highest level of security. Specialized and experienced support engineers at Inter Engineering monitor the malware protection at the customer’s network and intervene whenever needed. Both the customer and the reseller receive regular reports such that they are informed about the security status and the measures taken. The Inter Engineering Anti Malware Managed Service is the most secure and relaxed solution and because you are not occupied at all it is also the most cost effective!

This service is based on the F-Secure Protection Service for Businesses infrastructure.

Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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