Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway can detect PGP encrypted messages. When a message contains a PGP encrypted attachment, it is not able to process it and the message is treated as Unknown Binary. Inter Engineering was able to extract common patterns in files encrypted with PGP or with the open source counterpart GnuPG (GPG).

GDPR is the most comprehensive data protection legislation to date and it's revolutionizing the information security landscape. The impending enforcement of the regulation is forcing organizations to understand, and transform, the way they collect, process and store data.

Two-factor authentication (2 factor authentication or 2FA) is the authentication process where two of the three possible factors of authentication are combined.

The possible factors of authentication are:

  • something the user knows (e.g. a password, PIN code, or answer to secret question)
  • something the user has (e.g. a token, a mobile phone, a USB, a key fob)
  • something the user is (e.g. face or voice recognition, behavioral biometrics, fingerprint, retina or iris scan)

As the date that GDPR will become effective approaches, most organizations are at complete loss and still looking for the right course of actions. We have prepared a solutions matrix that maps certain aspects of GDPR to specific technologies and solutions. If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to help you throught the tedious task of complying to GPDR legislation.

The traditional method through which AntiMalware products detect malware, is by using virus signatures. When a new piece of malware circulates, the AntiMalware vendor receives a sample, analyses that, retrieves a signature from it and updates the Virus Signature Database of its installed base over the world. Using that signa-ture, the AntiMalware can detect the particular piece of Malware with 100% certainty.

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