Remove web bugs with Clearswift SEG

A web "beacon" or "bug" is an element (usually a small, transparent image) found in an email that reports back to the sender that the message was opened by the recipient.

Most of the beacons and bugs aren’t hidden at all. Email senders can tell from any image in an email (even a logo) if a message was opened and if so, from where.

A "rich text" or HTML email that includes any image that needs to be fetched from a server on the internet in order to be displayed can use that image as a beacon. They very act of downloading the image infroms the sender about what they want to know:

  • When it was opened
  • Who opened it
  • How many times it was opened

This information is used by marketing people in order to determine how successful an email campaign was. But this technique can be used by an attacker to detect if an email address is live or not. Then the attacker can craft special messages to compromise the recipient's workstation.

Web bugs pose a real threat therefore it is important to inspect incoming email messages and remove them, Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway employs message sanitization techniques in order to detect and remove from email body content that is located in a remote web server.

Check the following video to see how you can accomplish that.


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