Clearswift Secure Email Gateway - Best Practices against Zero-hour Malware

The following document is a best-practice configuration for making sure that you get the maximum protection level from Clearswift Secure Email Gateway against ze-ro-hour malware.

The information contained in this document is meant to help the reader in the combat against specific malware. Although utmost care has been taken for the correctness of the information, Inter Engineering does not accept any responsibility for the use, misuse or inability to use the information in this document. Due to the nature of the subject the information provided in this document is or will become incomplete over time. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to judge whether or not to use the information herein and to accept the consequences. If you disagree with this then you should not use this document.

This document aims to provide the reader a configuration guide on how Clearswift Secure Email Gateway appliance can contribute to protection of an organization against zero-hour malware.


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