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The GDPR is rapidly closing in on us. We're going to show you how to practically cover crucial aspects. Also the thought is scary but we should start to realize that our defense can be compromised. When that happens you want to know it fast so that you can rescue whatever is important to you.

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Tuesday 23 May 2017, Athens War Museum. Start 15:00

Metro station “Evangelismos”.


13:30 - 14:30

Optional:  Complimentary guided tour of Athens War Museum

14:30 - 15:00





15:00 – 15:15

Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering

Welcome word

15:15 – 16:00

Robin Bingeman, Cryoserver

GDPR – What does it mean for Corporate Email?

16:00 – 16:30

He Shan, Balabit

Securing your logs in GDPR era

16:30 – 17:00

Alyn Hockey, Clearswift

Are you prepared for GDPR? 

17:00 – 17:30


17:30 – 18:00

He Shan, Balabit

Defending against privileged identity theft

18:00 – 18:30

Alyn Hockey, Clearswift

Don’t block it, ***** it !

18:30 – 19:30

Knut Vatnestrom, F-Secure


If you cannot repel them, detect them – how you can turn the tables on your attackers

19:30 – 21:00

Cocktail Buffet – Socializing – Lottery


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Presentation Summaries


Clearswift:          Are you prepared for GDPR? 

It’s a year away how prepared are you?  We’ll discuss how Clearswift products can be used to monitor whether personal information is being circulated in and out of your organization.


Clearswift:          Don’t block it, ***** it !

DLP solutions have a habit of generating too many false positives.  Clearswift’s solutions offer more choice such as redaction, sanitization and encryption.


F-Secure:             “If you cannot repel them, detect them – how you can turn the tables on your attackers”

- everyone gets breached, why does prevention alone fail?

- how the game is changing from prevention to detection

- understanding how detection is possible and what tools you need to have in place

- how gdpr forces companies to have a game plan for how to handle a breach

- which strategies and solutions can help make your life easier when the clock starts ticking down from 72h


Cryoserver:        GDPR – What does it mean for Corporate Email?

Session Text: “Three quarters of us don’t trust businesses to do the right thing with our emails, phone numbers, preferences and bank details. I find that shocking.” Elizabeth Denham, UK ICO, January 2017

As the primary method of business communication, email is an important consideration for EU GDPR, and an important area to focus efforts for risk management. In this session you will learn about the need for archiving with intelligent searching, the impact of SAR /FOI and the need for variable retention. We will also cover ways to reduce email risks, cover email breach reporting and be introduced to privacy by design. By the end of the session attendees will fully understand Cryoserver as a central piece of the EU GDPR readiness jigsaw


Balabit:                 Securing your logs in GDPR era

Going in depth on personal data security and why log management is essential in terms of complying the GDPR.

How to secure your logs while in transit, at rest and what are the benefits of using syslog-ng.


Balabit:                 Defending against privileged identity theft

Privileged accounts are considered as the only key to access systems storing personal data.

In the wrong hands these accounts can pose a great threat and make your life much harder in terms of complying with GDPR.

Learn how to cover both challenges with a single solution. 


Presenters Biography:

Alyn Hockey – Head of product management, Clearswift

Alyn Hockey has worked in the content security market for over 20 years. He worked on the original MIMEsweeper prototypes whilst at Integralis and has work in Support, R&D and now is the VP Product Manager at Clearswift continuing the evolution of these technologies to suit customer requirements.


Knut Vatneström - Technical Services Manager, EMEA

With F-Secure since 1999, Knut Vatneström has worked with IT security resellers, private companies and government organisations throughout South America, APAC and Europe.  His international experience advising companies on cyber security issues and helping them secure their digital assets and networks gives him unique insights into the threats and security risks we are facing today.


He Shan – Senior Presales Engineer, Balabit

Tony He, Sales Director APAC & LATAM of Balabit Europe. responsible for Balabit international sales strategies and execution, provide onsite business support for partners and projects across the global market. specialized in international business and key account management, rich experiences working with international organizations in finance and telecommunication industry. 


Robin Bingeman – Managing Director, Cryoserver

Robin Bingeman is a sought-after speaker on the subject of forensic email archiving and compliance.  As a hands-onManaging Director, Robin has been with the Cryoserver email archiving technology for over 16 years, working with users in all types of organisations.  Robin will be sharing examples of both good and bad practices involving email communications, including some real life legal cases with a particular focus on GDPR.