Cyber security provider F-Secure has launched a new consultancy unit bringing the company’s research-led cyber security services to organizations all over the world. F-Secure Consulting’s global team of cyber security consultants use technical research to secure current and emerging technologies, defend organizations from attacks, and drive the cyber security industry forward.

Cybercriminals increase the intensity of IoT and SMB attacks in the first half of 2019, according to the new F-Secure report "Attack Landscape H1 2019". The report highlights the threats facing IoT devices when not securely protected, as well as the popularity of EternalBlue and related cyberattacks, two years after the well-known WannaCry case.

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Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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