F-Secure wins AV-TEST’s Best Protection and Best Performance Awards

Inter Engineering’s partner, F-Secure, for the 7th time, won Best Protection & Best Performance awards at the annual AV-TEST awards for F-Secure SAFE and Protection Service for Business. That’s a consistency no other company in the cyber security industry can match. This consistency is only possible by staying ahead of a relentless criminal industry that is constantly trying, retrying, and refining any attack that works.

A team of analysts and researchers (called Tactical Defense Unit) focuses on creating and developing defensive mechanisms and preventative measures that address current and near-future security problems. F-Secure’s systems average of 7 billion online queries, 6 billion behavioral events, and millions of suspicious URLs and malware samples daily. The constant flood of information makes sure Protection Service for Business and SAFE are ready to take on the latest threats, today, and tomorrow.

The other very good news from this year’s AV-TEST awards show that the Best Protection from the world’s worst threats doesn’t have to come at the cost of draining a system’s resources.

In addition to the Best Protection for both home and business users, F-Secure also picked up Best Performance for home users. That means customers get best protection against the world’s worst threats from a solution recognized for delivering less impact on a system than Windows’ native security.

Gone are the days when internet security suites demanded massive amounts of processing power that had a noticeable effect on PC performance. F-Secure’s protection technology applies massive amounts of threat intelligence utilizing the cloud and pioneering artificial intelligence and the result is a faster, safer experience.

That makes F-Secure perfect for users who demand the most from their systems, including gamers. With SAFE’s Gaming Mode, gamers can get the world’s best protection while postponing any CPU-heavy operations that might slow a session down.


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