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Inter Engineering and Withsecure announce Managed Detection and Response with 24/7 coverage

The prevalence of modern cyber attacks has made it essential for organizations to monitor their IT estates 24/7 for signs of an intrusion.

Withsecure’s Elements Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the cloud based solution being used on a massive scale by MSSPs worldwide to monitor their customer’s infrastructure and timely detect security incidents. This monitoring requires skilled people with expertise to operate the EDR and with the authority to respond to incidents. In practice the majority of organizations prefer to outsource this task. However quite some ICT companies have difficulties to provide the expertise and manpower to cover their customers and even MSSPs often struggle to provide the services outside their business hours.

This is a major problem because effective Detection and Response is crucial when the inevitable Cyber attack occurs. And attackers aren’t taking evenings, weekends, and holidays off, so you need to ensure things are monitored even during these downtimes.

To cover the vast majority of situations, Inter Engineering and Withsecure introduce:

The Withsecure Comonitoring service


The Inter Engineering Active Care EDR Managed Service


The Withsecure Comonitoring service

Available as an add-on to Withsecure EDR, it aims at MSSPs using Withsecure EDR to provide a Managed Detection and Response service to their customers, but are unable to cover the outside business hours.

During those hours monitoring will be done by the experts manning Withsecure’s global SOC.


The Inter Engineering Active Care EDR Managed Service

This service aims at ICT companies that for any kind of reason want to completely outsource the MDR coverage of their customers. It exploits Inter Engineering’s decades of cybersecurity experience dealing with incidents on a daily basis. Offering the service to their customers ICT companies have the peace of mind of providing professional coverage as well as avoiding their customers to approach the competition.

Both services cover:

  • Maintaining constant watch over severe risk detections in IT environments.
  • Validating and investigating detections to establish if they are true positive incidents that require action to remediate.
  • Ensuring that true positive incidents are escalated in a timely fashion to the correct customer or partner representative(s) with the authority and ability to respond.
  • Providing advice to the customer or partner representative(s) for containment and remediation of the incident—for example, recommending network isolation of the affected systems or termination of malicious processes.

Additionally, the Inter Engineering Active Care EDR Managed Service provides:

  • Regular reporting in order to keep the partner and/or customer aware of the developments
  • Meetings (unless not desired) to explain and to provide preventive advice
  • Actually work with the partner and/or customer in case of incident handling

“Together with long term partner Withsecure, we are now enabling all of our partners to provide a professional MDR service to their customers, and that without needing to work around the clock”, comments Josmaarten Swinkels - Inter Engineering CEO. “Either as an MSP providing their own MDR service based on Withsecure EDR, or by reselling Inter Engineering’s Active Care MDR service. We think that’s important news!”