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WithSecure Elements EPP introduces innovative enhancements

Since cyber security services typically operate silently in the background and keep your business out of the headlines, Inter Engineering wants to bring the latest developments within the WithSecure Elements platform to your attention.

As the attack landscape evolves, so must the defenses. In the fourth quarter of 2022, WithSecure’s aim has been to offer even more efficiency and intelligent security capabilities.

They have introduced:

1. Microsoft Teams Protection as an additional layer to protect cloud-based collaboration and remote work - delivered as part of the Elements Collaboration Protection
2. A new game changing technology against ransomware from WithSecure Intelligence research unit
3. Server Share Protection feature with roll-back option to ensure your organization's file shares are always fully protected with the new ransomware protection technology

“WithSecure once again raises the bar by bringing new protection technologies to ensure business continuity in an evolving and dangerous online world. Their never ending introduction of new and better protection technologies also proves their dedication to their partners and customers and how focused they are.” Comments Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering’s CEO.