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About Fortra

The realm of cybersecurity and automation is always changing, and we’re evolving right alongside it. Say hello to Fortra, the new face of HelpSystems. Fortra is bringing you the same people-first support you’ve come to expect from HelpSystems, only now they’ve been Fortra-fied with the purpose of providing you with exceptional protection and peace of mind along every step of your journey.  

Their team of expert problem solvers is ready to find answers to your organization’s toughest problems, and their best-in-class portfolio ensures that they’ll land on an integrated, scalable solution that’s right for you. 

They’re tenacious in their pursuit of a stronger, simpler future for cybersecurity. 

Problem solver. Proactive protector. Relentless ally.

These three pillars represent who Fortra is as a positive changemaker for cybersecurity. Their approach is different, and they’re proud of that. They transformed the industry by bringing the leading solutions into one best-in-class portfolio, creating a stronger line of defense from a single provider.

But they know cybersecurity is always changing, and we should never get too comfortable. It’s why their team of experts is dedicated to building leading solutions and adapting to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

They also understand that we’re more powerful together, so they prioritize collaboration with customers. They take the time to listen to each organization’s concerns, and provide the right solutions to help put worries to rest. Because ultimately, they know that the road to creating a stronger, simpler future for cybersecurity begins with the daily commitment of finding better ways to reduce risk while supporting productivity.


We're Stronger When We're All Stronger

At Fortra they’re on a journey to help organizations everywhere realize their full potential. Their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council is effecting meaningful change in their organization – change that will make them stronger and enable them to build more equitable communities.

The right way to do that is to channel the passion, talent, and perspectives of a diverse team. They strive for equity for all and recognize we're better when they involve everyone, inclusive of age, sex, race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, parental status, marital status, military service, disability status, neurodiversity, and all other qualities that create unique individuals.