NetAsq UTM Administrator

To whom it is addressed?

This training is designed for integrators, resellers, end users who may use this kind of product


Upon completion participants should be able to:
tackle the administration of the whole NETASQ range
install NETASQ firewalls within any basic architecture
configure the main features of our firewalls
install a VPN tunnel between remote sites


After the training, the course attendees are able to take an exam and achieve certification


The duration of the training is 2 days.

Training agenda

Day 1 (Optional)

Advanced Network Security

- IP protocol / IP Addresses

- TCP Protocol / UDP protocol


Application Level protocols

- SMTP and Email Protocols


- Web based protocols

- VoIP


Day 2

▪ General introduction to NETASQ and the products (U and F).

▪ Introduction to the differences between the appliances and both ranges

▪ Compatibility of version 8 with the F range

▪ Introduction to the intrusion prevention system

▪ Presentation of the analysis methods (Basic)

▪ Presentation of the SEISMO vulnerability detection module (Basic)

▪ Licence/appliance registration system

▪ Presentation of the Administration Suite

▪ Installation of the Administration Suite

▪ Various network configuration modes.

▪ Object configuration

▪ Configuration of the DHCP and DNS services

▪ NAT configuration

▪ MAP translation

▪ BI‐MAP translation

▪ REDIRECT translation

Day 3

▪ Configuration of LDAP / AD authentication

▪ Creating an INTERNAL LDAP database

▪ Connecting to an EXTERNAL LDAP database

▪ Connecting to a Microsoft Active Directory LDAP database

▪ Configuration of proxies / captive portal

▪ Configuring the implicit HTTP proxy

▪ Configuring the explicit HTTP proxy

▪ Creating automatic configuration files for the proxy

▪ Configuring the FTP proxy

▪ Configuring mail proxies (POP3 /SMTP)

▪ Configuration of filters / URL filters

▪ Creating service and protocol filter rules

▪ Creating URL filter rules

▪ Configuring filters by authentication

▪ Configuration of Site-to-Site IPSEC VPNs by pre- shared key

▪ Configuration of the IPSEC VPN client

▪ Console mode

▪ Console mode access

▪ Basic commands

▪ Basic logging and monitoring

▪ Configuration of the syslog service

▪ Logging traffic

▪ Locating logged traffic in the logs

▪ Analyzing logs or alarms

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