Feitian ePass FIDO®-NFC is a FIDO alliance certified U2F authentication key. Unlike the traditional second factor authentication devices, FIDO U2F provides a much more convenient solution to replace or enhance the authentication process of traditional passwords. A single Feitian ePass FIDO®-NFC is able to protect unlimited applications. Each application will be assigned an individual key pair. Feitian ePass FIDO®-NFC employs high-performance NXP secure elements. Besides generating strong keys pairs for FIDO®U2F application, the JAVA smart card platform also provides room for other applications. An OATH one-time password application is also pre-installed in Feitian ePass FIDO®-NFC.



  • One key for all accounts. Protect an unlimited number of applications.
  • Driver free. Recognize as a HID device, no driver needed for ePass FIDO®-NFC to work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Pre-installed FIDO U2F and OATH HOTP applications. Support both USB and NFC communications.
  • Water proof.

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