Microsoft Office 365 is gaining in popularity among organizations worldwide, regardless their size. This document focuses on the security features provided by Microsoft and why it is still essential for an organization to deploy the SECURE Email Gateway in front of the online version of Exchange.


ICAP stands for Internet Content Adaption Protocol and it is a protocol aimed at providing inspection for web content. An ICAP client routes HTTP content to an ICAP server in order to process it or adapt the content. The adapted content is then returned to the ICAP client in the form of an HTTP response or an HTTP request.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway can detect PGP encrypted messages. When a message contains a PGP encrypted attachment, it is not able to process it and the message is treated as Unknown Binary. Inter Engineering was able to extract common patterns in files encrypted with PGP or with the open source counterpart GnuPG (GPG).

If you’ve been paying any attention to geopolitical news of late, you might have heard about the storm around Kaspersky. The Russia-based antivirus firm has been responding to allegations that it collected top secret NSA files from a customer machine and shared them with Russian intelligence agencies.

GDPR is the most comprehensive data protection legislation to date and it's revolutionizing the information security landscape. The impending enforcement of the regulation is forcing organizations to understand, and transform, the way they collect, process and store data.

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