Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway Integration with GoAnywhere

Online collaboration is a key feature for modern organizations. Exchange of information must be done fast and reliably. This is what GoAnywhere by Helpsystems does. It provides the infrastructure for managed file transfer between your organization and your trading partners.

Download our brochureInformation sharing though can be disastrous if not done properly. When receiving files from partners, you must be certain that these files are free from malware or from embedded code that might be harmful. Also files with sensitive content may unintentionally leave the organization. Such data reside in the body of a document or inside hidden content like comments, history tracking or even meta-data like document properties.

Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway ensures that files in your GoAnywhere servers comply with your security policies. Once a file is uploaded, the GoAnywhere will use the ICAP interface to pass the new file to the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway which will scan it for malware or for confidential terms.

If you want to know more about the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway and how it will enhance existing GoAnywhere deployments download our brochure.

If you are a partner, please contact us to send you additional material.

Also, don't miss our video series where you can see the key features of the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway and the integration process with GoAnywhere.


Integrate Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway with GoAnywhere Part 1 of 2 (Duration 18:26 minutes)


Integrate Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway with GoAnywhere Part 2 of 2 (Duration 14:45 minutes)

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